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Solutions and innovations for all markets

Application Sectors

Automotive & Road Transportation | Aerospace | Railway Vehicles & Infrastructure | Maritime Transportation & Shipbuilding | Building & Civil Engineering | Equipment & Machinery | Renewable Energy | Oil & Gas | Pipe & tanks, water treatment & sewage | Defence, Security & Ballistics | Electrical, Electronics, Telecoms and Appliances | Medical & Prosthetics | Sports, Leisure & Recreation (excl. Maritime) | Design, Furniture & Home

Meet with the whole Composites ecosystem

The whole value chain

Benefit from a series of programs and services to grow your business, upscale your Knowledge and source innovations

Business & Networking

Benefit from key information on your markets & facilitate your business

Pictogram Business Sessions

Business Sessions

The essential of trends, forecasts and market datas provided by key players of the composites industry.

Pictogram Composites Exchange

A dedicated program of workshops showcasing products, solutions and business cases.

Pictogram Country On Stage

Country on Stage

A unique opportunity to discover the composites industry structure and strengths of the represented countries. The program is featuring keynote presentations, discussions with key players, and showcase business cases which demonstrate the country’s composites expertise in key market sectors and technologies.

Pictogram Industry Composites Circles

Industry Composites Circles

An exclusive program for decision-makers of end-users industries, connected through the development, trends and experience of composites materials in their market.

Pictogram Business Meetings

Business Meetings

The only official matchmaking program that offers a personal schedule of meetings to optimize your business visit. (Available after registration).


Pictogram Composites Challenge

A competition of PhDs sourced and selected for the quality of their research work in the field of composites. A great opportunity to source new talents and new ideas.

Pictogram Startup Booster

The leading startup competition in the world of Composites, tailored to find and assess the best innovations.

Pictogram Innovation Awards

A celebration of the most innovative composites projects worldwide and fruitful cooperations between the different players of the value chain.

Pictogram Innovation Planets

Solution-focused areas where majors OEMs and suppliers can discover the best  applications and the latest trends in their market. Focus 2019: Aero & Space | Auto &Transport | Construction & Energy | Sports & LifeStyle.


Pictogram Business Sessions

6 expert conferences focusing on the latest development within the composites industry (Aeronautics, Automotive, Construction, Simulation, Additive Manufacturing, Sports & Leisure).
* Accreditation required