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Be part of the leading international composites show

Composite materials are shaping our lives and our future.

Discover the endless possibilities of composites, from materials, processes to products, by visiting JEC World, the largest international platform that brings the whole composites community together.


Why visit JEC World?

Thanks to JEC World you will be able to discover that Composite materials are more and more integrated into various application industries, from aerospace to sporting goods, from architecture to shipbuilding.

Today, they have a special place among the range of materials that engineers can select to develop new products and components.

The various types of technologies, from thermoplastics to thermosets, from glass fiber to carbon fiber and with the added value of high-tech simulation, optimization and production techniques, composites are offering and will offer a broad arena of applications. With new bonding techniques, allowing to combine metal and composite materials, new opportunities have emerged, enabling to choose the right material for the right use, and making the industries development a composition of materials and technologies.

Composites are often praised because of their exceptional lightness in comparison with other materials, such as metals for example. Their offer better performances, thanks to an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio.

Beyond lightweight, composite materials have additional properties and offer many benefits to fit the requirements of highly demanding utilization, as well as broad applications.

Discover the endless benefits and applications of Composites

Design Freedom, Aesthetics & Flexibility

Design Freedom,
Aesthetics & Flexibility



Resistance & Resilience

& Resilience

Strength & Stiffness

& Stiffness

Part Count Reduction & Functions Integration

Part Count Reduction
& Functions Integration

Hybridization & Bonding with other Materials

Hybridization & Bonding
with other Materials

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion Resistance



High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Solutions and innovations for all markets

Solutions and innovations for all markets

Meet with the whole composites ecosystem

The whole value chain

Who's exhibiting at JEC World?

Who's exhibiting at JEC World?