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Startup Booster Finalists 2023 - Products & Materials

JEC World

Developing Specialty Coatings that Adhere to Wet and Low Energy Surfaces and Enhance Surface Functionality with Applications in Composite Strengthening

Process - Products & Materials

Mussel Polymers (USA)

Mussel Polymers manufactures and sells a biomimetic version of the glue that mussels use to stick to rocks. Poly (catechol-styrene) binds to wet and low energy surfaces and confers valuable surface functionalization.  MPI partners with companies to develop new solutions for their customers.  Current products or those in development include an innovative coral adhesive for use in aquariums and reef restoration, an underwater adhesive (US Navy), anti-corrosion primers, dental adhesives and remineralization agents, and a composite-strengthening sizing for carbon fibers.

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