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R&D project manager, Deceuninck NV


After the master in polymer processing, he started a research position at the KU Leuven on various government funded R&D projects on injection moudling, extrusion, thermoforming, compounding, and using numerical simulation to predict material behavior in those processes, he received his PhD degree on the study of adhesion between thermoset rubbers and thermoplastics in injection molding. Form 2021 on he started in the R&D department of Deceuninck, where he is responsible for process R&D in optimizing and bringing new technologies in extrusion, tooling and recycling for and of PVC profiles.

About Deceuninck NV:

Deceuninck NV is a leading global player in PVC processing, specialized in compounding, mold making, design, development, extrusion, finishing and PVC recycling. The company is mainly active in Europe, Turkey and the United States and is one of the top 3 largest PVC window profile manufacturers in Europe. Deceuninck wants to be a leader in plastic and aluminum windows and doors by providing providing profiles with superior thermal and exceptional performance in combination with the lowest possible material consumption. They want to provide energy efficient profiles with a stylish design, being the perfect finishing touch for any facade. In addition, our innovative pultrusion technology Thermofibra provides extra performance in terms of stability, strength and insulation.