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Technical Director, CABB Jayhawk Fine Chemicals
United States

Biography :

Vinay Mishra is the Technical Director for Thermoset Additives at CABB Jayhawk Fine Chemicals (CABB Group). In this role, Vinay focuses on dianhydride applications in high-end epoxy thermosets and polyimides. He brings 25 years of experience in thermoset applications such as composites, coatings, and adhesives. He has previously held technology & business leadership roles at companies such as ITW, Sika, Air Products, and Dixie Chemical Co. Vinay is a strong believer in the power of collaboration. He also serves as vice president at Thermoset Resin Formulators Association (TRFA), where he has held multiple positions, including as president. Vinay holds a chemical engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) and a PhD in polymers from Lehigh University, USA.

About CABB : 

CABB is a global leader in the fine chemicals and custom manufacturing of intermediates for Agrochem, Pharma industries etc. From its Jayhawk site in the US, it offers thermoset monomers such as dianhydrides (e.g., BTDA, 6FDA) which are used in high-performance epoxy or polyimides applications.