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CEO, Fiberior


Dr.-Ing. Tobias Donhauser studied Mechanical and Process Engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt with focus on fiber-reinforced plastics and structural mechanics. After his studies, he completed his doctorate in 2020 at the Leibniz-Institute for Composite Materials with the topic “Contribution to the design of highly stressed components made of fiber-thermoplastic composites”. In 2019, the work on his dissertation gave rise to the idea for producing composite pipelines for transporting hydrogen, which he pursued further as part of a postdoctoral position at the same institute. In the years that followed, the basis for the technology was developed and a team was built for implementation, which ultimately led to the founding of fiberior. He has been working on the calculation and construction of fiber-reinforced plastics for around 15 years and is an enthusiastic mechanical engineer with a great interest in lightweight construction using composites.

About fiberior:

fiberior is a young startup from Germany that deals with the calculation, design and production of piping systems made of fiber-thermoplastic composites for the transport of hydrogen. With the help of a new manufacturing process, such pipes can be manufactured cost-effectively and according to customer requirements in our own machine park. Fiberior also offers its customers a special system for connection technology that makes it possible to connect the individual pipe segments made of fiber-thermoplastic composites with each other.