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Chair - CEO, CellExcel
United Kingdom


An experienced and proven Chair / CEO with extensive manufacturing experience gained in Board leadership positions, with broad industry expertise in the aerospace, defence, rail and material processing technology sectors. Tim has worked extensively with companies across the materials and engineering industries, in the UK and USA, building teams that deliver high growth and strong financial performance.

About Cellexcel:

As a chemistry based technology company, Cellexcel provides the key to unlock the use of biomaterials and radically change industry’s carbon footprint. It does this through molecular modification and not a coating. The Cellexcel™ process chemically modifies the cellulose by delivering and then attaching a compound related to the targeted performance property. By attaching a hydrophobic compound, the resistance to moisture can be positively impacted enabling biomaterials to be used in more demanding applications, that can then lead to the replacement of high embedded emission materials.