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Stephen W. TSAI

Stephen W. TSAI

Professor (Research) of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Emeritus, Standford University
United States


BE 1952, DEng 1961, Yale.  Ford Motor, Washington University, US Air Force Materials Laboratory, Stanford University.  Known for his Tsai-Hill failure criterion; lamination parameters with Pagano; Tsai-Wu failure criterion and strength ratios; Halpin-Tsai micromechanics formula; trace, master ply, omni envelopes, and unit circle failure criterion with Melo; double-double laminates; Lam search with Massard and Shah; metallic grid/[±60] CFRP skin for glueless assembly with Zheng, Wang, Kappel, and Jin. He is a member of the US Academy of Engineering since 1995.