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CEO, TechnoCarbon


As an aerospace engineer (Centrale Lyon 1991, Cornell M. Eng.), Stephan began his career in the USA as a modeling and digital simulation specialist.Returning to France in 1995, Stephan received awards for industrial creativity (transfer of technology from research to industry), then managed/created teams for engineering, development, and sales of scientific models and software.He is an expert in transport and energy systems and a scientific advisor specializing in climate change (teaching and reviewing IPCC reports). Since 2015, he has prioritized the development of solutions to address long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns on infrastructures. In 2018, he founded TechnoCarbon Technologies France and filed patents on CarbonFiberStone (CFS) applications in the building, civil engineering, and aerospace sectors. CFS is the first high-performance material capable of competing with composites and metals in various applications.

About Technocarbon:


Founded in 2018, TechnoCarbon is a startup specializing in designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling innovative components and systems made from CarbonFibreStone, the first sustainable, ultra-low-carbon composite material. The company has patented technologies that enable deep decarbonization, lifetime extension, weight reduction, and environmental footprint reduction in the material industry. TechnoCarbon is committed to providing its clients with optimal solutions, whether they want to improve the performance of their existing structures or embark on new projects. The company has won multiple awards for its innovative and sustainable solutions and is committed to achieving sustainable transformation in the engineering and construction industry.