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Stefan CABA

Stefan CABA

Head of Innovation Field Sustainable Vehicle Development, EDAG Engineering GmbH


Stefan is a plastics engineer working in the world of composites for more than 15 years. He finished his PhD working on void reduction in Resin Transfer Molding in 2017 and is part of the EDAG Innovation Department since then. His field of action is circular economy and sustainable solutions in the automotive industry. In the last years he could present several concepts of composites in a circular design.

About EDAG Group

The EDAG Group is a globally leading, independent engineering service provider that provides excellent engineering with the latest technology trends.With a global network of some 60 brances, the EDAG Group realizes projects in the Vehicle Engineering, Electrics/Electronics and Production Solutions segments.EDAGs proprietary 360-degreee development approachs has become a hallmark of quality in the holistic development of vehicles and smart factories.