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Sebastien GENDRON

Sebastien GENDRON

CEO, TransPod


Sebastien founded TransPod in 2015 to build the 5th mode of transportation as an alternative to the relatively expensive, slow, and environmentally harmful means of travel we have today. With the mission of building a tech leader based in Canada, Sebastien brings more than 15 years of experience leading engineers at global transportation manufacturers, including Bombardier, Safran S.A., and Airbus Group. He holds a master's degree in aerospace engineering from ISAE-SUPAERO and Aix Marseille University in France.

About Transpod Inc.

TransPod Inc. is a Canadian company developing ultra-high-speed ground transportation technology. At the nexus of aerospace and rail engineering, TransPod's purpose and scope are to develop the 5th mode of transportation - vehicles for passengers and cargo travel in a low-pressure tube environment driven by linear induction motors and designed for 1000 km/h+.