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Ross KEY

Ross KEY

Customer Engineer - Aerospace, SYENSQO
United Kingdom


A dedicated, passionate and customer centric engineer with 13 years combined academic and industrial experience. Ross currently serves as a Senior Applications Development Engineer in Senysqo's Customer Engineering team supporting Automotive, Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and Aerospace markets. He holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Aerospace Composites from the University of Nottingham.

About Syensqo:

At Syensqo, we’re explorers: experts in science and passionate about all its possibilities. Our innovative products and solutions help enhance the way people around the world live life every day: how they work, travel, and spend leisure time.With a diverse global team of more than 13,000 employees in 30 countries, we work together to advance science and help humanity move forward.Syensqo leads the industry in the development of advanced aerospace materials for the lightweighting of cutting-edge fixed wing aircraft, rotorcraft, propulsion, advanced air mobility (AAM) and space and launch applications.Syensqo's extensive automotive portfolio also helps impart key performance and processing benefits such as lightweighting and enhanced safety, to drive innovation in e-mobility, body and chassis, internal combustion engines (ICE), transmission, thermal management and motorsport manufacturing applications.