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Technical Director, CDK Technologies


An engineer with a wealth of experience in the non-destructive material testing of composite structures, Romain participated in the development of the mast department at CDK Technologies in 2014. Romain became the Head of the Design Office at CDK Technologies in 2018, and coordinates the work of a team of engineers and project designers. He directs the R&D work and he is the permanent contact between the calculation offices, the clients and the project managers.

About CDK Technologies:

Created more than 35 years ago, CDK has enjoyed steady growth for the past 5 years thanks to the recognition of its main clients and its positioning as a global builder in the domain of large-scale high-performance composite parts. Historically a composite structure specialist, CDK is now capable of fulfilling orders for all the high-performance technical parts that make up a racing yacht: multihull and monohull platforms, masts, booms and now foils for ULTIM and IMOCA boats. Its extraordinary cooking tools (50m autoclaves and a 36m oven) are the major elements that set them apart from their competitors. CDK Technologies is continuing the development of its Keroman Technologies site in Lorient. Following the investment in a large-scale oven in 2018, the company is now increasing its production capacity. Moreover, it is investing in new production means: a cutting machine for pre-impregnated fabrics, machine tooling, as well as a large-scale autoclave.