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Pierpaolo COLLARIN

Pierpaolo COLLARIN

Innovation Manager, MARICELL S.R.L

Biography :

Formerly scientist in the Italian National Research Institute (CNR), participating to European experiment on magnetic confinment of plasmas for nuclear fusion technologies, lately led projects of mini Hydro Power Turbines and cogenerator plants. Research project leader for an AI controlled robot. Now Innovation Manager in Maricell Srl after a long experience as manager of the plant where MYcell structural foam is produced.

About Maricell :

Since 1986, Maricell has been producing structural rigid PVC foams and expanding rapidly its market, thanks to continuous R&D and investments in cutting-edge technologies. Specialised skills and solid experience make Maricell a dynamic partner that is truly close to its customers, capable of designing customised solutions and meeting even the most complex needs. Today Maricell has a team of over 150 professionals, a 28,000 square metres facility and a vision of the future that includes the analysis and use of new types of materials, embracing the circular economy philosophy.