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CEO, Componous


With six years of experience as a Manufacturing Manager at B&T Composites, Nikos Tiriakidis specializes in composite manufacturing, particularly filament winding. His responsibilities spanned CNC Sector Development, overseeing its evolution, and he is adept in Quality Control, implementing VF measurement, ultrasound scanning, and rigorous bending/torque tests. Nikos ensures dimensional assurance with a fully equipped metrology room featuring various CMM machines. He played a pivotal role in Digitalization and Traceability efforts, enabling real-time monitoring of B&T Composites' entire production cycle.Through internships at IELTS FORTH and VUB's B-Phot, Nikos gained valuable experience in the photonics sector. This exposure fuels his passion for combining photonics and composite materials, aiming to create real-time composite sensing for sustainable industrial solutions. Driven by this passion, Nikos together with Dr. Georgios Violakis founded Componous, where the main purpose is to provide composite sensing via in-house developed photonics and optoelectronics solutions.

About Componous:

Componous, a dynamic startup, specializes in embedding optical fiber sensors in composite structures like carbon and glass fiber super-structures. These sensors can monitor mechanical stresses, temperature, pressure, refractive index or chemicals among many other possibilities. While optical fiber sensors were once limited to high-budget applications due to costly read-out units, Componous revolutionizes the market with cost-effective, in-house-developed units.