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Biography :

Mohamad Kafafy is an engineer with 15 years of experience in the manufacturing field in the automotive, steel and wood industries. He has a  MSc degree in composites from ASU, Egypt and Kaizen diploma from Japan. Kafafy started his career as Kaizen consultant and moved to General Motors where he was responsible for the new launches. Kafafy worked as Operations Manager for steel companies and for many multinational companies in the MENA region. Kafafy with a long track record in management and leadership positions in the manufacturing field supported with the scientific background in composite science he founded Agrona. a startup that utilizes the agri waste to solve a global issue of cutting trees which accelerates the climate change.

About Agrona :

Two Billion trees are cut down every year just to supply wood to the furniture and the construction industry making deforestation the second leading cause of climate change. Agrona manufactures the first 100% eco-friendly wood panels in the world out of agri waste and bio-based resins without cutting a single tree. For every ton of panels produced by Agrona that helps to save three trees and avoid five hundred cubic meters of CO2 emissions. Agrona’s aims to expand it is operations to Europe in the next 2 years.