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Senior Advisor for Critical & Sustainable Materials, General Secretariat for Investment (SGPI)


Mathieu has fostered the ecological and industrial transitions. He started in the private sector to promote and fund the industrial roll out of cleantech such as solar photovoltaic or hydrogen. Then he supported the evolution of activities and information systems of energy & utilities companies during the French market opening. After a few years at ADEME (National French Environnement Agency) to fund innovative projects in the circular economy, the agriculture and the industry, he has joined the SGPI – a service of the French Prime Minister dedicated to the plan « France 2030 » - as the coordinator of the national strategies for recycling and biobased products. He coordinates actions of research, industrialisation or training through programs in the fields of recycling, plastics, metals, or water and biobased molecules, with the objective to increase France sovereignety with respect to critical materials.

About Secrétariat Général pour l'Investissement (SGPI):

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, unveiled the “France 2030” investment plan on October 12, 2021, focusing on sectors of France’s industrial future by the year 2030. Faced with the challenge of the ecological transition, the plan, drawn up with Europe, aims to support the transformation of sectors of excellence in the French economy in the automotive, aerospace, digital, green industry, biotechnology, culture and healthcare. It will be worth €30 billion over five years, of which €3-4 billion will be spent as soon as 2022. The plan has 10 objectives to understand better, live better and produce better in France by 2030.