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CTO, Pond A/S

Biography :

Martin has a background in chemsitry and materials science with focus on both resins and fibrous reinforcement in composite structures with both academic and industrial experience. Martin is a founder and CTO of the Danish company Pond producing fully biobased resins. In addition to his job at Pond, Martin is also external associate professor at Department of Chemistry and Bioscience of Aalborg University.

About Pond :

Pond is a producer of fully biobased thermoplastic resin, specifically designed to bind to natural fibres. The resin can also be applied for injection moulded composites as well as neat resin part combining tenstile and impact strength. Composites manufactured with the Pond resin meet the requirements prevalent in the automotive industry and when combing the resi with natural fire fully biobased composites with low CO2 footprint and recyclability are obtained.