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IOC Director, Corporate and Sustainable Development, International Olympic Committee (IOC)


Marie Sallois currently serves as the Corporate and Sustainable Development Director at the International Olympic Committee (IOC). As such she supports the roll-out of the Olympic Movement’s strategic roadmap, Olympic Agenda 2020+5, and drives the implementation of sustainable development within the Olympic Movement. This includes environmental responsibility and social responsibility (human rights and gender equality, diversity and inclusion), as well as Olympic Games impact and legacy. Prior to that, she was the Director for Sustainability from 2015; project lead for the IOC headquarters, Olympic House, from 2013, which won the highest international and Swiss sustainability certifications; and, on joining the IOC in 2004, Head of Corporate Development, reporting to the Director General.

About The International Olympic Committee: 

The International Olympic Committee is a not-for-profit, civil, non-governmental, international organisation which is committed to building a better world through sport. It redistributes more than 90 per cent of its income to the wider sporting movement, which means that every day the equivalent of USD 4.2 million goes to help athletes and sports organisations at all levels around the world.