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Managing Director & Founder, Eve Reverse


In 2022, Marcus has founded Eve Reverse to create carbon-negative composites. This new venture is to develop the technologies to design and manufacture composite parts that store the CO2 that has been captured during the growth phase of the plant. Every part made helps to reverse the overload of CO2 in the atmosphere. The expertise of Marcus is for more than 25 years in composites and industrialization, developing new products, manufacturing concepts and automation technologies. He has experience in many different industries, such as aerospace, automotive, energy, marine and consumer goods. Besides Eve Reverse, he is also CTO of Airborne, a company dedicated to making composite manufacturing more easy, faster and flexible by providing digital automation.

About Eve Reverse: 

At Eve Reverse we want to fight climate change by developing technologies to manufacture truly carbon-negative products. Products that have more CO2e embedded than emitted during manufacturing and that have a long lifetime to store the CO2 for decades. Our team of specialists in materials, composites and industrialised production is developing these technologies from the ground up, to create the breakthrough concepts that are needed to make our dream happen.