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Project Manager & Quality System Management Responsible, ISOMATEX S.A.


Lucie Souvy, She graduated with a double diploma in Switzerland and followed a course at two different universities, the University of Geneva (Bachelor in International Relations and Political Science), and then continued at a second university, Wesford University in Geneva (Bachelor in Business Administration). She is currently working at the company Isomatex, and holds the position of Project Manager & Quality System Management Responsible, she is the Account Manager for Sports, Ballistics, and Thermal applications. Lucie is responsible for a large customer book, she is in charge of setting certifications (EN9100 for aeronautics, space, and defense), and also manages marketing and communication strategies. She also specializes in Cyber Security via the ASAP Kaspersky training.

About FILAVA™, produced by Isomatex :

FILAVA™, produced by Isomatex, is the world’s highest-performing mineral fibre. FILAVA™ is an aerospace grade, 100% natural, mineral material made out of an aggregation of elementary minerals. Thanks to our innovative approach, we increase and guarantee the original mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties of our roving. FILAVA™ is dedicated to advancing a high-performance world through responsible technology and innovation. Our focus on ethical industrial alternatives sets new standards for both technical excellence and environmental responsibility. We create products that prioritize superior performance and safety without compromising on CO2 impact and recyclability. By offering a wide range of applications across industries, FILAVA™ seeks to be a catalyst for positive change in the face of global environmental challenges. FILAVA™ intends to be a major contributor to the circular economy and the clean energy solution. Its downstream products are textiles, felts, pre-impregnated rovings or textiles, composites, and hybrids