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Biography : 

Luca started working in the composite materials market in 2011, during his studies at University. After his degree and during the first two years he enhanced his technical and leadership skills following different projects for Multiaxials fabrics Production & Consultancy companies around Europe and UK, understanding how to work with people and how to facilitate the development of new products. Since 2013 he is part of GPMC, a consultancy company in the composite materials market. He is now Co-Owner and Director. During the years he helped introducing new technologies in the market, such as Nanotechnologies and pitch-carbon-based products. Since 2018, Luca is proactively working on a solution to re-use carbon fiber scrap materials into new products for automotive and industrial markets, in collaboration with an Italian OEM. In 2022 he founded RECARBON, an innovative startup which develops and manufactures intermediate products made with recycled carbon fiber.


RECARBON gives new value to carbon fiber waste, creating, producing and offering innovative ready-to-use intermediate products based on recycled carbon fibre. RECARBON has developed a functional approach for manufacturing products from recycled carbon fibre in the form of both thermoplastic Organosheets and thermoset Prepregs. It has also developed a sandwich panels product line, with different combination of skins and cores, based on both recycled carbon fibre and other materials. RECARBON offers ready-to-use products for the automotive, marine, aerospace and industrial markets in order to empower circular economy of carbon fiber.