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New Business Development Manager, Telene

Biography :

Julien has a background in chemical engineering and a PhD in chemistry. He has more than 15 years of experience in the industry as an innovation manager in the development of polymer products. He worked to create new solutions from early concepts and bringing them to commercial scale in a wide range of industrial sectors including construction, water treatment, agriculture, oil and gas, or lithium battery.
He has joined Telene as a new business development manager and oversees the projects portfolio for new applications. He is responsible for developing polydicyclopentadiene thermoset resins for reinforced plastic applications.

About Telene :

Telene is offering engineered polydicyclopentadiene thermoset resins used for parts in body panels (bus, truck, agricultural and construction equipment), composites, storage and plants (hydrogen or chlor-alkali plants), radio-transparency (radomes and antenna) and other industrial applications.