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Product Designer, ESAD


Juliana França, a 41-year-old professional with a diverse journey, brings a wealth of experience to the table. In addition to her initial graduation in Business Administration, she has worked for several years in the financial market. Eight years ago, Juliana transitioned to Interior Design, and more recently, she delved into Product Design. Her passion lies in creating functional pieces, prioritizing not only aesthetics but also ergonomics and inclusive design for the elderly. Juliana holds a postgraduate degree in Gerontology from the Sírio-Libanês Hospital, the premier and most prestigious hospital in Latin America. Currently, Juliana is pursuing a Master's degree in Product Design at ESAD in Porto, Portugal. Her previous role as a project manager at a furniture factory for companies in Portugal allowed her to carry out various interior design and furniture projects.

About ESAD:

ESAD − Escola Superior de Artes e Design is a reference in design and arts, in Portugal and around the world. In 1989, a group of teachers created a school. I had a new vision of design and wanted to respond to the gaps in education in this area and the needs of a changing industry. Today the school has around five thousand graduate students.