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Lead Technical Support Manager, Composites One
United States


James Jones is Lead Technical Support Manager for Composites One, North America’s leading composites distributor. In his role with Composites One, he helps fabricators build lighter, stronger, and more efficient composite structures. He has more than 20 years of experience in the composites industry including design, analysis, processing, testing, and training in marine, civil, aerospace, transportation, and renewable energy markets. James holds Mechanical Engineering and Juris Doctor degrees from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX and is a Certified Composites Technician Instructor through the American Composites Manufacturing Association. 

About Aerovac: 

Aerovac, a brand owned by Composites One, is a leading provider of process materials essential to composite manufacturing in Aerospace, Wind Energy, Marine, Motorsports and more. Products are efficiently delivered from 44 distribution centers across North America via our exclusive fleet of privately owned trucks. Locations in the UK, Italy, France and South America combined with a network of authorized distributors ensure Aerovac products are readily available worldwide. Our team of over 100 technical product experts can help your business innovate utilizing industry leading technologies and products.