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Jackson LIN

Jackson LIN

Global Marketing Strategy Manager, SWANCOR HOLDING CO., LTD.

Biography : 

As the Global Marketing Strategy Manager at Swancor Group, overseeing the innovative ventures of EzCiclo and CleaVER, Jackson Lin is at the forefront of sustainability and global cooperation. Swancor's introduction of EzCiclo in 2021 was a milestone in the pursuit of sustainable solutions, and under Jackson's leadership, the team has been instrumental in constructing the EzCiclo & CleaVER ecosystem and fostering collaboration across diverse industries on a global scale. With a solid foundation in Chemical Engineering and extensive experience in global composites business development, Jackson has propelled these projects forward. His dedication to achieving a closed-loop, recyclable thermosetting system is making a lasting impact on the industry, accelerating the transition towards a more sustainable future.

About Swancor :

Swancor Holdings is a leading name in the field of advanced materials and sustainable solutions. With a strong focus on composite materials, Swancor is at the forefront of innovation in industries like wind energy, FRP composites, and beyond. The company is dedicated to creating cutting-edge, environmentally friendly solutions that contribute to a greener world. Swancor's commitment to sustainability and its track record of developing recyclable and high-performance composite materials have solidified its position as a key player in the industry. With a reputation for innovation, Swancor continues to drive positive change in various sectors, making a significant impact on the quest for a more sustainable future.