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Hüseyin ATES

Hüseyin ATES

Chief Technology Officer - CTO, KORDSA TEKNIK TEKSTIL A.S


Hüseyin Ateş started his professional life at Bosch Siemens Home Appliances in Munich as “Research Assistant” in 2006. He joined to Munich Technical University as “Research Assistant” in 2007 and executed Post Graduate Project at BMW R&D Center during 2007. He started to work at CRH Group as “Senior Project Engineer” in 2008. Hüseyin joined Kordsa Global Technology and Market Development Function as “Project Leader” in April 2010. He started to work as “Nylon Greige Fabric Production Manager, Kordsa Turkey” in 2014. He worked as “Manufacturing Group Manager, Kordsa Brasil” between 2015-2020 and Hüseyin was assigned as “Operational Excellence Officer” in 2020. He was appointed as “Business Excellence Officer and COO of Axiom Materials” in 2022 and assumed his role up until 2023. On February 14, 2023, Ateş was appointed as Chief Technology Officer and as of September 1st, 2023, he was assigned the role of “Compounding Business Unit Leader” on top of his current responsibilities.

About Kordsa:

Kordsa, global player of tire, composites and construction reinforcement, operates in 13 facilities throughout 7 countries including Türkiye, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy, USA and Germany with its over more than 5000 employees Through its mission to “Reinforce Life”, the Company aims to create sustainable value to all its stakeholders and society by combining high value-added reinforcement technologies with innovation.