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Chief Technical Officer, Testia, an Airbus Company


I am the Chief Technical Officer at TESTIA, Toulouse, France, since 2010. I also manage the wonderful team in charge of developing, assembling and maintaining inspection products & equipment, mainly dedicated to airframes, both for manufacturing and in-service. I started to work in 1997 at R/D TECH, now EVIDENT, in the frame of a voluntary service scheme. In 1999, I was employed as a researcher for AEROSPATIALE, the initial French pillar of AIRBUS. I contributed to several patents and papers...

About Testia:

Testia is an Airbus company with 30 years of experience in aerostructure inspections and non-destructive testing. Thanks to its global presence with facilities in Europe, North America and Asia, Testia can provide worldwide services and a global solution to the industry needs. With a unique range of NDT products and services, Testia is the end-to-end aerospace NDT provider. It offers a broad range of NDT and quality inspection equipment for quick and efficient analysis of structures, components and assembly. Testia also trains and qualifies personnel in all NDT methods, at all qualification levels, as well as provide inspections, consultancy and engineering services.