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Sales Manager Machinery, PERSICO SPA

Biography :

Guido Arcangeli graduated with a degree in Logistic & Production engineering in 2001.
He joined Persico Group in 2015 and he has acquired extensive market knowledge mainly in the automotive business.
Today he is Sales Manager Machinery: by combining Persico Group know-how, Guido develops technology solutions to supply advanced tools and equipment to industry-leading customers.

About Persico :

Persico Group is one of the most skilled and versatile mould engineering companies worldwide, able to offer a full range of services for different industries:

  • Rotomoulding: Persico is produces rotational moulding equipment, from traditional moulds to automated rotomoulding machines (SMART ®) with direct tool heating moulds
  • Automotive: Persico manufactures tools, robotic cells, presses and lines for interior and exterior parts of cars and industrial vehicles
  • Marine: Persico builds custom racing and private yachts
  • Aerospace: Persico is specialized in advanced composite moulding for the aeronautics and aerospace industries
  • Medical: Persico is a provider of innovative tools and equipment for medical applications.