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Director of Fraunhofer ICT, Fraunhofer ICT


Prof. Dr. Frank Henning is the director of Fraunhofer ICT and a Fellow of SAMPE and Society of Plastics Engineers. He's SAMPE Germany's acting President. He manages Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Manufacturing in Korea since 2016 and in Canada since 2011. He received the MOTIE Award in 2017 for tech collaboration. Henning is also an Adjunct Research Professor at the University of Western Ontario since 2010. He served as Deputy Director at Fraunhofer ICT from 2009 to 2021 and founded Fraunhofer FIL until 2016. In 2008, he became a Professor at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and CEO of Fraunhofer Innovation Cluster KITe hyLITE. Henning's expertise spans over 25 years, focusing on polymer engineering and composite processing. He holds a Ph.D. in Composites Engineering and a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Universität Stuttgart, with numerous publications and patents in polymer manufacturing.

About Fraunhofer:

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