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Floris de GROOT

Floris de GROOT

Industrial Designer, TU Delft


Originally from Berlin, I ventured to TU Delft to dive into industrial design. Intrigued by the way we travel, I explored the intersection of design and functionality, leading to innovative concepts that challenge conventional travel experiences. My journey recently took me to Deutsche Bahn for an internship, where I'm applying my insights to real-world projects. Along the way, I had the opportunity to create a design for train interiors, utilizing innovative composite materials. I am honored to be invited to the JEC World 2024 show by the SMC BMC European alliance.

About TU Delft:

TU Delft, the Netherlands' largest and oldest public technical university, has been a cradle of innovation and academic excellence since its founding in 1842. Within its broad spectrum of engineering disciplines, the Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) program stands out for its holistic approach to design, engineering, and innovation. IDE at TU Delft is not just about creating aesthetically pleasing objects; it's about solving complex societal and technological challenges through user-centered design. The program emphasizes a balance between practical skills and theoretical knowledge, offering students hands-on projects, internships, and research opportunities that prepare them for the realities of the design industry. With a focus on sustainability, inclusivity, and technology, graduates are equipped to lead in the creation of products and systems that improve lives. TU Delft's global network, cutting-edge facilities, and collaboration with industry leaders ensure that its IDE students are at the forefront of design thinking and innovation.