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Design Office Manager, KAIROS


My background is in naval architecture and materials science. I've been running the Kairos design office since 2013. I coordinate industrial development projects that promote the integration of materials with low environmental impact. I have knowledge of composite materials and plastics processing. I work for several industries such as shipbuilding, fishing, cosmetics, sports, transport and aeronautics. I coordinate several national and European research programs involving eco-design within the company, and have taken part in the filing of several patents.


KAIROS specializes in the research and distribution of biomaterials, biocomposites and biopolymers. KAIROS innovates and markets biocomposite and biopolymer solutions based on plant fibers for various applications. Thanks to its various innovative projects and its network of industrial partners, KAIROS has acquired, among other things, know-how in eco-design, LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and environmental impact analysis, as well as the transformation of plant fibers and biopolymers into composite products, applicable to furniture, boating, construction, automotive, cosmetics, etc. In particular, KAIROS has developed and patented the Kairlin® material, which it markets. KAIROS also specializes in the management of ocean racing and adventure sports projects. In this capacity, KAIROS manages all or part of ocean racing or adventure sports projects on its own behalf or on behalf of other skippers. It carries out the following missions: - sports and technical support: KAIROS shares its professional experience through personalized coaching, and the technical team maintains and prepares the boats for racing and adventure sailing. - logistical and financial support: KAIROS welcomes sponsors and guests, and manages and monitors budgets.