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Biography :

Innovator with Entrepreneur spirit and Environment oriented mind. Being born in Ukraine in 1979, I got my PhD degree in Solid State Physics in 2010 and since that have been working as a Researcher at diverse European Universities. My research field was graphene and 2D materials, I am author of 80 research articles and 5 patents. In 2018 I decided to change my Academy track to the Entrepreneurial and established Grafren AB. SInce that I am founder and CEO of the company, where we develop novel environmentally positive solutions for composite materials and are focusing on the automotive, defence and aerospace markets.

About Graphen AB : 

Grafren AB has a complex technology on manufacturing the high quality two-dimensional carbon materials (graphene family) and coating of the fibers-based substrates. Coating occurs on the fibers surface - nanoscale level via layer-by-layer mode, and is therefore extremely uniform, thin and lightweight.
Coating can be applied on wide range of fibers, such as diverse glass fibers, aramide, kevlar or natural fibers (jute, silk etc).
The main value of the coating is that it UPGRADES the properties of the fibers and enabling the COMPOSITES with the new functionalities. Since graphene is electrically and thermally conductive and fire and mechanically resistant, coating only 4-5 grammes of graphene per square meter of the fibres is enabling:
        - Electrically and thermally conductive composites/laminates; 
        - Composites/laminates with increased fire and moisture resistance. 
Ultralight, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution for future composites.