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CEO, Mob-E-Scrap


Engineer (Ecole Polytechnique, France) and holder of a PhD in economics (industrial organization), I made my career in finance and consulting with a focus on raw materials with various positions in the UK, France and Switzerland. Recently, I was the metals and mining expert of BNP Paribas during 16 years. Since 2021, I am the CEO and co-founder of the French startup MOB-E-SCRAP.

About Mob-E-Scrap:

MOB-E-SCRAP is a French startup founded in 2021 to deploy our breakthrough patented delamination technology on various markets: electronic scrap, composites, solar panels, batteries…By submitting composites to high intensity (up to 5000 G) and high frequency (several thousands per second) impacts, we can separate the fibers (glass, carbon, kevlar) which keep a length between 10mm and 40mm as they are flexible and resin which is pulverized.We have built a demonstrator at industrial scale in France, and we are now looking for partners to deploy our technology on the composite recycling market.c