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Assistant Director of Additive Manufacturing, Purdue University – CMSC
United States


Eduardo Barocio earned his Ph.D. degree in Materials Engineering under the advice of Professor. R. Byron Pipes. His current work focuses on additive manufacturing of high-temperature polymers filled with high carbon fiber content.
Eduardo graduated with honors from Tecnológico de Monterrey (Campus Guadalajara, Mexico) and obtained a bachelor degree in Mechatronics Engineering. Prior to join Dr. Pipes group, he worked for four years, three years as undergraduate student and one year as full-time engineer, in the Biomechatronics Laboratory at Tecnológico de Monterrey (Campus Guadalajara, Mexico). During this time, he led several projects including the development of a picture-guided CNC plasma cutter, a low-cost high-performance prosthetic foot (TEC-LIMBS prosthetic foot), and played key roles in other projects like the development of an autonomous ground vehicle, the design of haptic interfaces, and the design and automatization of machines for diverse industries.
Eduardo is also co-founder of the NGO “Tecnologías Para la Comunidad” based in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico, which works as a bridge to provide handicapped people access to cutting-edge technology developed in the Biomechatronics lab. Eduardo gained a very useful knowledge on manufacturing and prototyping after completing a technical degree in manufacturing with machine tools, and a one-year internship in a company dedicated to design and manufacture machines for the woodworking industry.
This rich blend of engineering education and practical experience have provided Eduardo the ability to not only design and engineer products or components, but also to materialize those designs into functional prototypes. Additionally, his multi-disciplinary engineering education provides Eduardo with a toolbox for solving problems.