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Biography :

Edouard Sherwood is Chartered engineer in mechanical engineering with robotics from Surrey University, Guildford.
He worked for R&D companies in Toulouse, designing robots and special machines for the semi-conductors, the medical sector and aeronautics.
He then became consultant in aeronautics for companies such as LIEBHERR AEROSPACE or AIRBUS leading international projects. Quickly, he became Team Leader of a group of engineers working for AIRBUS.
In 2010, Edouard took advantage of a Voluntary Redundancy Plan to tackle an ambitious project in the field of sustainable development and launched COBRATEX. With over 21 years’ experience, he is currently COBRATEX SAS’ CEO.
He developed a specific mechanically based technology to extract bamboo strips and weld them together in order to obtain a continuous reinforcement for composite materials. An international patent protects this innovation. The company has started production and business is growing fast. The company is now moving towards industrialisation.


COBRATEX manufactures and sales innovative bamboo reinforcements for the composite materials market. The company uses its patented technology to extract bamboo strips without damaging them, and welds them to obtain a unique continuous ribbon of unidirectional fibres. It is very different to the standard yarns found on the market, made of glass, carbon, flax or other fibres. It is a composite structure by itself as it is composed of fibre bundles and closed honeycomb-like structures, which can be assimilated to sandwich core’s morphology. This particularity makes this product very different to all other reinforcements, with many advantages:
 •    Low density, 0.7 à 1.2, hence lighter than Carbon fibre;
•    Good behaviour in terms of water-resistance;
•    Transparent to some electromagnetic waves;
•    Damping properties with peaks at carbon fibres’ resonance frequencies
•    Insulation properties, both thermal and acoustic.

COBRATEX provides standard reinforcements:
•    dry fabrics: UD, twill…
•    Prepreg fabrics: thermoplastic and thermoset