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Chairman & CEO, INCA Renewable Technologies Inc.

Biography :

David Saltman is a successful executive and cleantech entrepreneur. He is the Chairman and CEO of INCA Renewable Technologies, a company focused on the utilization of Canadian hemp in the production of natural fiber composites for the automotive, marine, wind energy, and consumer products industries. Prior to migrating to Canada, he was CEO of Malama Composites, manufacturers of the first rigid urethane foams made from bio-based resources. Malama received many awards including “Most Innovative Green Product” from the Society of Plastics Engineers. Before this he served as CMO of Flexform Technologies, the first natural fiber composites company in North America. Flexform’s materials enabled engineers at Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, and Tesla to produce automotive interiors that were stronger, lighter, and far more easily recycled than glass reinforced plastics. For this work he received the Excellence in Innovation Award from the American Composites Manufacturing Association.

About INCA :

INCA Renewtech is a Canadian company with a mission to become the global leader in natural fiber composites. INCA is led by a team of internationally recognized experts in fiber processing and composites manufacturing. Our patented products replace glass reinforced plastics and timber products for the transportation, wind energy, and consumer products industries. By utilizing hemp that is being grown for plant-based protein and transforming this renewable resource into advanced bio-composites, we enable our customers to produce lighter, stronger, more sustainable products of their own. In so doing, we will reduce plastics pollution, preserve rainforests, and help the world transition from a hydrocarbon to a carbohydrate-based economy. Our energy efficient factories generate zero waste, air, or water pollution. Our products are non-toxic and can be easily recovered and recycled at the end of their useful life. During our first five years of operation INCA will sequester over half a gigaton of carbon.