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David PATE

David PATE

Head of Materials and Processes, Lilium


David Pate is currently the Head of Materials and Processes focused on the development of Lilium's novel eVTOL aircraft. He brings previous aerospace certification experience from Epic Aircraft where he was the Lead Material and Process Engineer on the E1000 program. He has successfully developed structural aerospace parts with out-of-autoclave prepregs materials, honeycomb sandwich construction, and structural bonding using film and paste adhesives in composite and metallic applications. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering (2006) and a Master's degree in Material Science (2013) from the University of Washing in Seattle, WA, USA. His research focused on paste adhesive secondary bonding applications, and evaluating the durability and process reliability using atmospheric plasma treatment on autoclave cured prepreg composites.

About Lilium:

Started in 2015, Lilium's vision is to create a world where regional communities are connected through the development of vertical takeoff and landing electric aircraft.