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Director, Planefibra

Biography :

Worked at Tuper S/A for 12 years, always focusing on the automotive market. I started my career in the quality area, I have training as an ISO 9001 lead auditor and an ISO TS 16949 internal auditor, after which I managed the production area.

About Planefibra :

Planefibra offers the best and most respected reference in polyester resin laminate solutions for your work. They are tiles, shutters and fiberglass sheets that guarantee much more quality and resistance for the most diverse applications in civil construction. Based on its know-how in polyester resin laminates, Planefibra develops a wide range of products, such as tiles, shutters and fiberglass sheets. Manufactured with raw material certified by ISO 9001:2000, the articles provide more quality in the work due to their durability and excellent resistance. The rigor of the production process is also responsible for the good finishing of the pieces, allowing for a perfect fit and agility in the work. For all these differentials, Planefibra represents the most practical, economical and safe option for the most diverse applications.