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Clementine GALLET

Clementine GALLET



Born in 1974 in Lyon (France), Clementine Gallet graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from the Technical University of Esslingen (D) in 1997.

From 1997- 1999 : she conducted an R&D project with European partners,  “Filament winding for 6.5m sailboat hull” presented at the JEC’99 Paris.

In 1999, she spent a year at the EM Lyon business school of management, and was awarded a grant by the Ministry of Resarch and Industry for her innovative technology projects.

She founded Coriolis Composites in 2000 with Alexandre HAMLYN and Yvan HARDY. She conducted fund raising initiatives to finance the experimental development of the Coriolis technology.

Coriolis Composites has grown from 5 to 150 people, and sold 60 of its innovative machines worldwide.

Coriolis Composites is now a world leader for composite part manufacturing processes based on robotics.

Clementine Gallet is the CEO of Coriolis Composites, in charge of business development, finance and general management.

About Coriolis:

Coriolis Composites develops and delivers innovative and industry proven machines and software solutions to automate the production of composite structures. Its robot-based Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) technology is qualified by major aerospace OEMs for industrial products. Thanks to continuous improvements of the technology Coriolis has become, over the years, the reference in AFP. Coriolis has expanded its technology portfolio by acquiring MFTech, one of the world leaders in Filament Winding (FW) robotic machines. Now, Coriolis continues to invest on its core technologies and on future technologies to contribute to making aerospace, automotive, naval and others industries more sustainable.