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Technical Director, Nanopoxy


In the 2nd Generation of his family with Epoxy Business, Bruno was practically born breathing and hearing about epoxy. With 16 years of industry and business experience, he founded Nanopoxy in 2014 with the dream of being able to develop innovative and customized resin systems. Throughout his entrepreneurial life, he managed to combine industrial knowledge with academic life, having studied Marketing as an undergraduate when he was younger and a BSc degree in Chemistry, specializing in a Master's of Engineering in Coatings and Surface and currently studying a Master's of Chemical Engineering in Process Control.

About Nanopoxy:

Nanopoxy is a Brazilian chemical company specializing in formulated resins for several markets, including the COMPOSITES. Is a pioneer in offering the best solutions and technologic innovations when thinking Composite Resins, being the first company in Brazil to develop a Bio-Based Epoxy Resin and the 1st Graphene Nanotube Epoxy System available.