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Blanca GARRO

Blanca GARRO

CEO, Reinforce 3d


Blanca Garro, the CEO of Reinforce3D, assumed her role in early 2023. She holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the Technical University of Zaragoza and Munich (TUM) and an MBA from the ESIC Business and Marketing School. Blanca brings extensive experience in the 3D printing field, having worked as a business consultant and project manager in additive manufacturing and digital transformation. She has previously worked with prominent European companies such as Materialise and Schneider Electric. Leading Reinforce3D, Blanca aims to revolutionize additive manufacturing by spearheading the development and commercialization of the company’s patented Continuous Fibre Injection Process (CFIP) technology.

About Reinforce3D:

Reinforce3D is a start-up aimed to further develop and commercialize the Continuous Fibre Injection Process (CFIP) technology. CFIP is a completely new composite processing method which unlocks new capabilities unimaginable before, such as the ability of to place the fibres in all directions following complex trajectories, to reinforce any material including plastics, metals and ceramics, or to integrally join different parts providing fibre continuity through them. Reinforce3D has recently launched “Delta”, the first ever commercial CFIP machine, enabling the manufacturing of highly complex and optimized parts reinforced with continuous fibres at industrial scale.