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Benjamin SAADA

Benjamin SAADA

Founder & CEO, FAIRMAT


Benjamin Saada, Fairmat's Founder & CEO, is an award-winning entrepreneur driving global carbon emissions reduction. With an engineering background and 15 patents, he launched Fairmat in 2020—a French deeptech firm focused on carbon fiber recycling, backed by a €43 million investment. Headquartered in France, Fairmat excels globally, offering advanced solutions for high-performance applications. Benjamin passionately champions environmental sustainability, leading Fairmat's team in innovating green deeptech recycling and expanding the company's global footprint in the US and beyond

About Fairmat:

Creating a sustainable future for carbon fiber composite is our mission. We are bringing a new, sustainable and innovative way to recycle carbon fiber composite. Thanks to our proprietary technology, we produce a recycled material while reducing carbon footprint! It's a light and strong high-tech material designed to be used in industries such as design, mobility, electronics, construction, transport, and logistics. Fair to the planet Fair to the consumers Fair to the industrials At Fairmat, Fairness comes first.