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Baptiste ROSSI

Baptiste ROSSI

VP Engineering, AYRO

Biography :

Baptiste Rossi spent 13 years in the United Kingdom in the field of motor racing, first as a Composite Design Engineer, then as an Aerodynamics Development Manager for vehicles entered in the 24h of Le Mans and the Indianapolis 500. He then took the role of Head of Mechanical Design and Simulation Department for 2 years at a major automotive supplier in the field of safety and driving assistance. Baptiste Rossi joined AYRO in May 2021 as Head of Design Office to set up the design team and oversee the design and manufacture of the first OceanWings®. He is currently VP Engineering within the company.

About AYRO :

AYRO is a French industrial start-up that designs, manufactures and delivers OceanWings® to support the shipping industry in reducing its carbon footprint, enabling lower emissions for all types and sizes of ships transporting goods by water. We stand out for our ambitious mission to catalyze the decarbonization of the maritime sector.