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Alexander SCHUMANN

Alexander SCHUMANN

Chief Executive Officer, Carbocon


Prof. Schumann was born in 1989 and studied civil engineering at the Bauhaus University Weimar and the Technical University of Dresden. In 2020, he completed his doctorate at the chair of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. e.h. Manfred Curbach on the topic "Experimental investigation of the bonding behavior of carbon rods in concrete matrices". Prof. Schumann has been the Technical Managing Director of CARBOCON GMBH since 2019 and has been teaching at the International University in the course of Civil Engineering since 2022. Among other things, he is a member of the German Committee for Reinforced Concrete in the subcommittee on non-metallic reinforcements.


The CARBOCON GmbH, based in Dresden, is a leading and independent contact partner for all topics relating to the innovative building material carbon reinforced concrete. CARBOCON operates in different fields of business, ranging from civil engineering services (R&D, planning, supervision) to introducing new products and processes to the market. In this way, we advocate progress and sustainability in the building industry. Our main product, with which we also apply as exhibitor, is the CARBOrefit® process. With our CARBOrefit® process, we act against demolition and commit to the preservation of concrete structures. We are convinced that through the use of carbon reinforced concrete, a sustainable transformation of the building industry is achievable. We are also engaged in the development of products for the innovative and sustainable construction of new buildings.