Technical Conferences

Technical Conferences

3 days of high-value conferences

Upscale your knowledge, exchange and meet your peers, the JEC Conferences are made for this. A unique occasion for speakers to highlight their know-how and for the attendees to make their benchmark on the state-of-the-art composite technologies.

Attendees have the opportunity to update or deepen their knowledge but also to exchange with their peers on subjects at the heart of their priorities.

JEC World 2021 Technical Conferences Themes

Creating value through sustainability

  • Towards zero waste
  • Life cycle assessments strengthen the business case/argument for composites
  • Conserving resources through composites applications


Productivity through automation for – and with – composites

  • Increased efficiency without breaking the bank
  • Flexible manufacturing concepts
  • Composites bring benefits to conventional production


Additive manufacturing : Agility and strength

  • New possibilities in mass customization of performance products
  • ‘Impossible’ designs become reality
  • Emerging technologies enable production of large-scale parts


Carbon fibre : Through-life savings justify a premium price

  • Black metal is dead thanks to mature engineering
  • Life cycle thinking : Looking beyond initial cost
  • Getting it right first time : Advances in design, simulation and tooling


Wind challenges : From improving energy yield to decommissioning

  • Next-generation blade designs and materials (to enhance performance and sustainability)
  • Concepts for easier installation and disassembly
  • Ramping up recycling


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