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Under the theme of Composites for a Sustainable World, JEC World 2022 will offer a unique forum for the global academic, business and end-user communities to engage in fruitful knowledge sharing, networking and innovation focused on improving sustainability throughout the product lifecycle. Discover how composites are leading to the creation of higher performing, more cost-effective designs with lower environmental impact to satisfy the complex technical, economic and sustainability demands of existing, and emerging, markets. We will showcase all the latest value chain strategies to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in line with circular economy goals, and highlight how the composites community is seizing the opportunity to Rethink the way we do things now and direct Research into new and better solutions.

4 expertly curated conferences on Sustainability will be organised at JEC World 2022:

Business Conferences

Participate in the two sessions to exchange and learn about the current and future developments of Composites.




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