JEC Composites Campus

JEC Composites Campus

JEC World 2022 will host a new area dedicated to education and training: the Campus Village, Hall 5.

It targets the younger generation and anyone who wants to improve her/his expertise.

Demand for young and well-trained engineers is high among composite material and composites parts manufacturers. To meet this demand, JEC World is teaming up with 8 partners universities and training institutes, presenting initial and continuous trainings in various countries.

Come and meet with them on the floor and attend the Campus Village Pitch session on Thursday 5 May from 2:00 pm in Agora 5, where all of them will present their curses.

Discover our composites training partners:

  • 2.10pm – 2.20pm: Politecnico di Milano
  • 2.20pm -2.30pm: University of Patras
  • 2.30pm – 2.40pm: University of Limerick
  • 2.40pm – 2.50pm: EPFL
  • 2.50pm -3pm: Hanyang University
  • 3pm – 3.10pm: IMT
  • 3.10pm – 3.20pm: The Native Lab
  • 3.20pm – 3.30pm: KuLeuven


2.10pm - 2.20pm: Research and Innovation on Composite Materials Applications @ Politecnico di Milano - POLITECNICO DI MILANO

The lines of research and the experimental infrastructures currently available at the Politecnico di Milano will be presented in order to communicate the main results recently obtained and the trends underway for stimulating collaboration with companies and research bodies around the world.

Speaker: Roberto Frassine

2.20pm -2.30pm: Nanomaterials and the future of multifunctional structures Beyond the limitations of traditional solutions - UNIVERSITY OF PATRAS

Fiber Reinforced Polymers, in compared to traditional materials such as metals, are increasingly in demand as structural components due to their higher specific strength and stiffness, as well as better design flexibility. However, due to their poor out of plane performance, which is dominated by the polymer matrix’s low toughness and insulating characteristics, these composites have limitations in application. In recent years, a number of attempts have been made to improve the damage tolerance and multi-functionality of FRPs by incorporating nano-fillers with outstanding physical and mechanical properties as well as high inherent thermal and electrical conductivity into the composites. GNPs, CNTs, and GNRs are the most promising conductive graphene-based nano-fillers in this direction, taking into account the necessity to create multi-functional composites.

Speakers: Prof. V. Kostopoulos, Dr. S. Tsantzalis

2.30pm - 2.40pm: Composites @ Bernal - UNIVERSITY OF LIMERICK

The University of Limerick in the west of Ireland is host to Composites @ Bernal, it is a state of the art research facility which focuses on the advancement of composite structures. Projects include the design, manufacture and testing the wing of the future. Composites @ Bernal is also investigating the ability to manufacture fully recyclable wind turbine blades. Composites @ Bernal has world class facilities including a laser assisted tape placement machine which we use to manufacture structures with curvilinear fibre trajectories. Work also focuses on creating novel manufacturing methods, such as spreading, which has the ability to vary the width of pre-preg tapes as they are consolidated into place resulting in improved efficiency of doubly curved structures. There is interest in space applications as we are making deployable composite booms which can be used as antennas and satellites in space applications. At UL there is a focus on sustainability, therefore projects focus on producing fibers from lignin which is extracted from trees. Other research tackles the issue of recycling plastic bottles to produce re-enforcement fibres. If you would like to know more about the novel research currently ongoing at the University of Limerick, please come to our talk to find out more.

Speaker: Gearóid Clancy

2.40pm - 2.50pm: Composites at EPFL - EPFL

This session will present some highlights of composite research and development at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, from laboratory research to applications and will also present some inderdisciplinary student led projects.

Speaker: Veronique Michaud

2.50pm - 3pm: Development of Low cost Eco-friendly Hydrogen Storage Tanks - HANYANG UNIVERSITY

  • Low cost Hydrogen storage Tank using Hybrid Fibers
  • Eco-Friendly recyclable Tanks using Thermoplastics
  • Burst tests of Hydrogen Tanks
  • Korea Hydrogen Economy Roadmap

Speaker: Prof. Sung Ha, Hanyang Univ, CEO of 3P.COM

3pm - 3.10pm: Studying at IMT - IMT

Presentation of the different training courses / degrees at the IMT schools.

Speakers: Mylène Lagardère – Jose-Marie LOPEZ-CUESTA

3.10pm - 3.20pm: Become Native in Composites (with The Native Lab) - THE NATIVE LAB

Change is happening at an always higher pace! So why shouldn’t this apply to the composites sector as well? If we look at numbers and figures indeed, composites are not only the future but the present already! However, the knowledge on how to think and work with composites is isolated and not available to those engineers who have to use these materials in their day to day. This poses a great challenge for the industry, which The Native Lab aims to address with its courses. These are designed in order to create ‘native thinkers’ of composites and are taught by real industry experts, who have acquired their expertise in companies already making extensive use of these materials.

Speakers: Tommaso Müllejans, Lluc Martí

3.20pm - 3.30pm: Composites research @ KU Leuven - KU LEUVEN

From Renaissance philosophy to cutting-edge nanotechnology: as one of the Europe’s oldest universities, KU Leuven boasts a long tradition of ground-breaking research and high-quality education.

Speaker: Ignaas Verpoest

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