Innovation Planets

Innovation Planets

Make it real with composites

When asked what their needs are, OEMs will usually say the ability to: 

  • build self-driving cars for new applications 
  • build lighter cars to reduce environmental impacts 
  • manufacture resistant structures for aerospace to limit the risks 
  • aise strong, «smart» structures for buildings and bridges to withstand the effects of climate change 
  • develop high-performance sporting goods to build customer loyalty 

Our goal at JEC is to help the composite industry grow by communicating all the vast potential and advantages of composites vs other materials. 

Our mission is to demonstrate that “Make it real with composites” is not a myth but a reality. 

The “Innovation Planets” were developed to give substance to this approach. The planets are showcase areas where OEMs and suppliers can discover the best applications for composites in their market. In the range of parts and finished products showcased and presented on these planets, visitors can explore the solutions proposed by the composite industry for their specific issues. 

The planets also include a series of workshops and networking activities on the latest trends in products and processes. In 2019, 8 focuses for the planets: Auto & Land Transportation, Aero, Construction & Civil Engineering, Sports & Leisure, EEE, Marine, Renewable Energy. Recycling and biobased aspects are treated transversally, for each sector. With more than 200 parts and products showcased every year, the Innovative Planets are among the main attractions of the show.

Participating Companies

Planets are open to any company or R&D center with a truly innovative part or finished product to present. (Raw materials alone are not accepted).

Why Showcase Innovation?

To make your company visible to purchasers and decision makers when they are setting their technological benchmarks and are structuring their supply chain.


Soraia Sadid
Innovation Program Manager

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