Innovation Planets

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Innovation Planets

The world's biggest showcase area highlighting the latest composites innovations.


Innovation Planets

Composites are used in an incredibly diverse range of applications due to their unique properties and possibilities. The Innovation Planets present parts from different companies and R&D centres in two showcase areas.

At JEC World 2023, there will be two Innovation Planets:

Mobility Planet: including Automotive, Land Transportation (railway, trucks, buses…), Aerospace, UAVs and New mobility solutions

Industry Planet: including Building & Construction, Sports & Lifestyle, Energy (oil & gas, wind energy…), and Marine

Mobility Planet

The Mobility Planet reflects the dynamic changes in the future of mobility and the enormous opportunities it bears for tomorrow’s mobility ecosystems, including road transportation and aerospace.

Industry Planet

The Industry Planet offers a strong focus on Building, Sports & Leisure. It also covers major areas including Civil Engineering, bridges, Equipment & Machinery, Renewable Energy, Maritime Transportation & Shipbuilding.

Showcase your part

Does your organisation produce composite parts or products that demonstrate how composite materials benefit Mobility and Industry applications?
To present your solutions in the Planets or get additional information please contact us before January 6th.

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